Bus Schedule for Special Events and Tours

Maximum capacity for each tour is 39 persons. Registration for tours will close on 23 May 2016

1. Sky & Sea Tour 

Date: 22 Jun 2016, Wednesday
Time: 0900 – 1600

Participant Category Cost per head (nett)
Overseas Guests USD 55.00
*Citizens & Residents USD 45.00 

We begin the journey by taking a bird's eye view of the port on a cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa island, before transferring onto the island's monorail to S.E.A Aquarium and the Maritime Experiential Museum.

Enter the marine realm of the S.E.A. Aquarium, home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species, across 49 different habitats, each one as fascinating as the next. Then travel back in time to discover Asia's maritime heritage at The Maritime Experiential Museum. The Maritime Experiential Museum is the only museum in Singapore where visitors can experience Asia’s rich maritime history and discover Singapore’s past as a trading port.

Lunch at your own expense in one of the many eateries at Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore currency required).

Take the monorail and cable car ride from Sentosa island back to Mount Faber.

2. Gardens by the Bay Tour

Date: 23 Jun 2016, Thursday
Time: 1230 – 1630

Participant Category Cost per head (nett)
Overseas Guests USD 35.00
*Citizens & Residents USD 30.00

Start this tour of the Outdoor Gardens on a leisurely 20-minutes ride around the Bay South Garden aboard the Audio Tour Garden Cruiser tram. Tune in to informative commentary as you take in the views of the Cooled Conservatories, Outdoor Gardens, the Meadow and the Supertree Grove from the comfort of the Garden Cruiser tram. Then continue the journey on foot through the two climate-controlled conservatories and discover amazing plants and flowers from different corners of the globe. In the Flower Dome, gaze at the exceptional shapes of the towering Baobabs, learn about the tenacity of succulent plants and admire the strength of the thousand-year-old Olive Trees. In the Cloud Forest, lose yourself in the mountain of exotic plants found in the Tropical Montane region, between 1,000 to 3,500 metres above sea level. Make your way past the waterfall that meanders through old forests of conifers and ferns and upon arriving at the top, immerse yourself in the cool mist of the scenic Cloud Walk. As you make your way down, go deep into the heart of Crystal Mountain and discover how mountains are formed, and the vital role they play in the formation of landforms on Earth.


3. Tiger Breweries Tour

Date: 24 Jun 2016, Friday
Time: 1230 – 1645

Participant Category Cost per head (nett)
Overseas Guests USD 25.00
Citizens & Residents USD 25.00

This tour brings visitors through the history and heritage of Singapore’s iconic beer. Visitors will get to find out how this local beer grew in stature to achieve international acclaim. Asia Pacific Breweries was established in 1931, and started brewing Tiger beer in 1932. Since then, the brewery has grown to brewing 6 brands locally: ABC, Anchor, Barons Strong Brew, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Heineken and Tiger. Visitors will get a peek at the Brew House, and learn what goes into a Tiger Beer brew, as well as the Packaging Gallery, where visitors can view the packaging process. The tour concludes with a stop at the Tiger Tavern where visitors are invited to have a glass of the freshest Tiger Beer available anywhere. The tour takes about 1.5hrs in total, including a 45mins beer appreciation session at the Tiger Tavern.

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4. Liveable City Tour

Date: 25 Jun 2016, Saturday
Time: 0900 - 1515

Participant Category Cost per head (nett)
Overseas Guests USD 20.00
Citizens & Residents USD 20.00 

A walk-through the Singapore City Gallery lets visitors delve beneath the skin of the city to understand how planners designed it to balance development, heritage and nature. This is followed by a walk through Chinatown-Kreta Ayer to understand the rehabilitation of this precinct. New housing continues to be introduced in this area to encourage city centre living, so as to optimise land use, reduce carbon footprint, and energise the city centre with its new live-in population. The tour concludes with a visit to The Pinnacle@Duxton an internationally acclaimed public housing project with a skydeck at the 50th storey linking 7 apartment blocks. Participants will learn how land use was further optimised in the city through renewal and rejuvenation programmes thus injecting new and younger communities back into a mature housing estate. Please bring along S$5 cash to purchase the EZ-Link card to access the skydeck.

Before heading back to the hotel, it is worth stopping for lunch at the Maxwell Food Centre nearby. Initially a wet market in the Chinatown area in the 1950s, Maxwell Food Centre turned into a temporary hawker centre for the famous street hawkers along China Street in the 1980s and has remained that way ever since. It is now home to some of the best hawker food in Singapore at very affordable prices. Lunch at your own expense (Singapore currency required).


5. Water Technology Tour

Date: 26 Jun 2016, Sunday
Time: 0845 – 1530

Participant Category Cost per head (nett)
Overseas Guests USD 10.00
Citizens & Residents USD 10.00 

We start the journey by learning about Singapore’s 3rd National Tap, where waste water is treated through membrane and ultraviolet technologies that make NEWater so clean. 1 hour guided tour.

The next stop is early lunch at Satay by the Bay. Experience Singapore hawker food surrounded by lush greenery before a beautiful waterfront. Lunch is at your own expense (Singapore currency required).

The last stop is the Marina Barrage, a dam built across the 350-metre wide Marina Channel to keep out seawater, forming Singapore's 15th reservoir, and its largest and most urbanised water catchment area. Local catchment water is one of the Four National Taps, with the other three being imported water, NEWater and desalinated water. 1 hour guided tour.




**Citizens and Residents are to pay the same amount as Overseas Guests when signing up for these tours during SHOT registration. Refunds will be made for the difference in price on the day of the tour itself (please bring your NRIC or proof of residence).


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